About me

Oluwatoyin Abioye is an Author, Social Innovator, Clarity and Execution Coach and Speaker. She is the principal consultant and founder at the Oluwatoyin Company, a personal development, business strategy and innovation company.

She is a trainer and thought leader on identity and mindset and the founder of the UpTurn Africa Hub, a community of innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers created for empowering African businesses and social enterprises for Impact and Profit.

She is the host of The Bold Tribe Podcast with Oluwatoyin – a series of conversations on Faith, Life, Purpose and Leadership. She also delivers corporate training in productivity, mindset, and communication strategy.

Oluwatoyin is committed to creating solutions to issues on Youth empowerment, women and the girl child, education and employment as part of the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals.

She has collaborated with organizations focused on youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, mindset and empowering the girl child and woman. A few of these organizations are Mindshift Africa, a foremost mental transformation organization, ICEH (International Centre for Emotional Health),and the Renewed Woman Foundation.

Oluwatoyin is also the President and Founder at House of Chayil, a non-denominational Christian ministry equipping men and women to fulfill their God ordained dreams and impact the nations of the world in furthering Kingdom Agenda.

Oluwatoyin has been featured in various blogs and platforms. She continues to work with individuals and organizations, empowering and helping them to build lasting, profitable brands.