DAUNTLESS By Oluwatoyin Abioye

Own your power, drop the fear, dare to thrive!

An inspirational guide for those ready for clarity of purpose, ready to let go of self sabotage and distractions, and live their best lives .

About the book


Dauntless is about understanding purpose, clarifying your vision and getting strengthened for the journey to a higher you. 

I was on a path that I believed was perfect. I was in a beautiful relationship that I believed would lead to happily ever after. I loved God and had a good job. It felt like everything was working almost perfectly, until it all came crashing . It was like a dream and this season became a defining moment in my life.

This moment made me pause to review a lot of what I was doing  and how I had defined my life. Perhaps you can relate. You feel there is more to you than where you are now. You have dreams and ideas that you find yourself unable to achieve. You are asking for the meaning of life and purpose and how to walk in true purpose.

You are in the right place. Dauntless is about grit, audacity, faith, finding the courage to thrive in whatever life season you are in. Dauntless is about reclaiming your identity in God, and understanding how God uses the issues and challenges of life to reawaken you to your destiny and birth the New in you.

In Dauntless, you will see me move from rock bottom to building and leading a tribe of dauntless trailblazers living a life of Bold faith, awesome clarity and audacious purpose. And together, we will move from pain into purpose, from rejection to results.

Wherever you may be in life, maybe drowning in self sabotage or negative mindsets, or unclear about the season you are in, or trying to decide what is next, you will find insight into your true calling and gain the dauntless strength to live it. You’ll see that all things work together for your good as you walk in your God given destiny.


Dauntless gives you wings to soar!


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About the Author

About the Author

Oluwatoyin Abioye

Oluwatoyin Abioye is an Author, Social Innovator, Clarity and Execution Coach and Speaker. She is the founder at the Oluwatoyin Company, a personal development, business strategy and innovation company. She is a trainer and thought leader on identity and mindset and the founder of the Dauntless Tribe, a community of innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers, training and empowering African businesses and social enterprises for Impact and Profit. She also delivers corporate training in productivity, mindset, and communication strategy.

She has worked with several individuals to clarify their vision, get rid of limiting beliefs and fearlessly execute their dreams. She is also the host of The Bold Tribe Podcast with Oluwatoyin – a series of conversations on Faith, Life, Purpose and Leadership. She is committed to creating solutions to issues on Youth empowerment, women and the girl child, education and employment as part of the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals.

She has collaborated with organizations focused on youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, mindset and empowering the girl child and woman. A few of these organizations are Mindshift Africa, a foremost mental transformation organization, ICEH (International Centre for Emotional Health), and the Renewed Woman Foundation.


Oluwatoyin is also the President and Founder at House of Chayil, a faith based ministry equipping men and women to fulfill their God ordained dreams and impact the nations of the world in furthering Kingdom Agenda. Oluwatoyin has been featured in various blogs and platforms. She continues to work with individuals and organizations, empowering and helping them to build lasting, profitable brands. She can be found on instagram and twitter @toyinchayil and on her website – iamoluwatoyin.com



“Dauntless Book provides practical insights to live your best lives, sharing real life stories and picking out timeless principles and lessons.”

– Oluwatoyin Abioye

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